About Us

Co-owners Joanne and Gail

Joanne and Gail have been close friends since early childhood (except for the time when Joanne scribbled all over Gail's baby blanket and when Gail broke Joanne's Barbie doll's head off but that was around 50 years ago...they're over it now...we hope!) Joanne has over 35 years of sales/marketing experience (but she's still very young!) Before starting Treasures Estate Sales with Gail, she was employed as an Account Executive to three Chicago based companies. Joanne also has extensive knowledge of designer brands and jewelry.

Gail has experience in advertising, marketing and design. She has absolutely no knowledge of designer brands...and it shows ;)  But she was employed as an Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer to a few Chicago based Ad agencies and design firms for over 30 years...so she KNOWS her art (and still very young too!)

Joanne and Gail have been running Treasures Estate Sales for many very successful years...selling just about anything under the sun! (And they're still young!)

Our Seasoned Crew

We staff our sales with friendly, professional, energetic, honest, and courteous individuals who maintain organization as well as gently encourage sales. All of whom are either trustworthy friends, family members, and also three of our previous clients!!! (And they're all very young too!)

Each crew member has their own area of expertise that we hand pick for each sale. They have experience in antiques, fine and costume jewelry, fine and vintage collectables, current designer brands and trends, fishing and sporting equipment, tools and much more! 

We are all uniformed for easy identification at all sales.