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Beginning on January 1, 2019, we will no longer be running Treasures Estate Sales. We will be starting our own companies! Gail's company name will be Shop Hound Estate Sales, LLC and Joanne's will be Premier Estate Sales, LLC. Twice the fun! Our phone numbers will remain the same...

Gail 630-432-0926 and Joanne 708-890-4890. 

We hope to see you at our sales!  


Need help with clearing out an estate? Down-sizing? Moving?

We know how stressful and time-consuming it can be when you need to clear out all or partial contents of a home, especially in a timely manner. For most people, organizing, estimating the value of belongings and conducting an estate sale is more than they can handle. 

Our focus is to provide the individualized care and services to your estate sale that will minimize your stress and maximize your returns while helping you through a difficult time in your life.

We've got what it takes!

Our dedication to customer service, compassion, hard work, integrity and our love of the business all contribute to our many years of great success. WE  HAVE EXPERIENCE...we've conducted close to 400 sales! And we believe that both the client and the customer alike deserve the time, effort and dignity of a well-presented sale.

We are known as one of the area's most friendly companies around and we have a great relationship with our large following of customers, as well as all of our wonderful clients! In fact...three of our previous clients now work for us!!!

Don't know what to do next?

Call us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to design your personalized estate liquidation solution. With one phone call Gail and Joanne can take away all the worry and headaches.

The final result

Our goal is to clear out as many of your treasures as possible for the highest returns. Once the sale is over, we have access to many options for clearing the estate that we can provide you with. 


Letters from our Clients

Thank you once again for ALL of your work and advice you gave us. It was such a pleasure to work with you. We are very happy with the outcome. Trust me that you will be highly recommended if we know of anyone looking for someone to do an estate sale, but will try to be sure people are easy to work with, don't want to send just anyone. Wish you continues success in your business. Will keep you informed of how removal of remaining things go. 

Cindy, North Riverside

Paul and I are very thrilled with you both,and the rest of your staff. From the first time you came over for the introduction last year I was impressed with you knowledge, honest approach and easy way about herself. You and your staff did an outstanding job with a complex sale. We appreciate your thoughtfulness on taking care of our needs. Thank for the names and contact numbers and detailed list of sales items. Enjoy your upcoming summer.
Lorraine and Paul, Lockport

Thank you so much for all your hard work and for keeping me calm throughout the process.  I am thrilled that I found you.  I have been highly recommending you to others.

Dore & Paul, Lemont

We were so pleased and surprised with the success level of the sale! Thank you again for the help and expertise. We will be sure to recommend Treasures every chance we get!
Pam, Berwyn

Thank you again for the effort put forth in conducting this sale. Sylvia and I are both pleased and appreciated your sincerity at all levels in coordinating this for us. Thank you for the attached itemized lists. It was a pleasure working with you. I will definitely refer others to you whenever the need arises!

​Darlene S., Riverside

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you both.  Your promptness, attention to detail, expertise, and wonderful understanding of our situation made for a stress free experience for us.  Thank you so much.

Nancy J., Lemont

Joanne!!!!! My mother is looking down from heaven soooo very proud of all of you for appreciating and displaying her items so beautifully. Truly!  I just can't get over how awesome everything looks!  My dad is also looking down and saying "MIldred!!!! How did you manage to save all that without my knowledge!!!!"   Truly!  Thank you for your beautiful work!!!!!!

Bobbie, Blue Island

Gail and Joanne, I want to thank you for the great service provided for my Dad’s estate sale.  You made what could have been a very stressful experience painless!  There was a great turnout and it is amazing what sold.  You’re absolutely right – don’t throw anything away. It was a pleasure working with Joanne and Terri and your research efforts on some of the unique items is truly appreciated as well as the recommendations to dispose of what was left.  I would certainly recommend you to anyone in need of your services.

Thanks again., Jan Smith, Homer Glen

I cannot thank-you enough for giving me the gentleman's name for picking-up the leftovers from the sale.  The charity  came over yesterday and picked-up everything.  i do mean everything!  bed, mattress and all!  all i have left are a few things in the basement and the "junk" in the garage. The director came over first to see what had to be packed and he told us the truck would be arriving in thirty minutes.  three young people arrived and were gone in two hours.  i was amazed!    hope your ears have been ringing, as i tell anyone that is asking me about the house, what a fantastic job you have done and recommending your company. Thank you again, for your good suggestion.  may you and your family have a blessed Easter!
Magda, Des Plaines


We were very happy with the results! And we were very glad that you could run the sale for one more day on Wednesday!
I can't say enough about what a pleasure it was to work with you and Gail and your crew! I wanted you to know that I go to a lot of the estate sales and it was not easy deciding who to have run our sale. But when you sent me the initial letter explaining what your team would and could do, it peeked my interest and your company seemed like the perfect fit and it was! Joanne, when you came over that first day did you ever think we would have as much merchandise as we did? We were amazed ourselves and a little overwhelmed by all the dolls!
Thanks for all your help, your professionalism, your good nature, your timeliness with the summaries and payments! We wish you all the best with your business! May you have many interesting sales at lovely homes!
Adrienne and Tom, Wheaton

From start to finish, Treasures Estate Sales made the entire estate sale process as easy as possible.
Gail put me at ease immediately with her professionalism and knowledge of the industry.  While my family and I did the bulk of the clean out (important papers, etc.) before the estate sale, Gail assured me that we could leave the remaining objects in the house as they were and they would set up everything for the estate sale.  This was a huge relief and time saver!
Gail and her staff did an amazing job of displaying everything and having enough staff on hand to accommodate the crowds. She also stayed in contact with me regarding the overall sales and double checked with me on selling additional items (such as the dining room chandelier and wall shelves) that were not originally marked for sale.
As this was my first estate sale experience and I also needed to sell the house, she also advised me on having the house listed with a real estate agent prior to the estate sale.  I would have never thought to do this prior to speaking with Gail as I thought of the estate sale and selling the house as two separate transactions.  Instead, many of those who came for the estate sale came back to look at the house with their real estate agents.  This was a huge win for us and our buyer was one of those who came through the estate sale.
Lastly, Gail was able to help with the final clean out of the house.  We paid a reasonable, hourly fee for one of her staff to be at the house while the remaining items were removed (some to charity, some to the dump).  Gail was also able to recommend and provide someone to do that final clean out.
I cannot thank Gail and her staff enough for all they did to make the sale a huge success and how they helped me through the whole process.
-Kim, Hickory Hills

I am delighted and recommend highly treasures estate sales!  When my Mom passed away I rented a dumpster but fortunately was advised by Joanne instead of tossing, to have an estate sale.  They handled everything for us, staged and priced all of the items. The estate sale was held January 13 & 14 and was efficient and pleasant.  I am so thankful for their service!   I was out of state and was kept informed of their progress up to and including the sale.
-Kathleen, Des Plaines

We can't thank you enough for all you did to make this happen.....we so appreciate your professionalism, expertise, energy and good humor. Would love to be a reference for you any time!
-Marianne T.​

Joanne and Gail of Treasures Estate Sales did a fantastic job of helping me to downsize and organize. After raising our family and accumulating everything from Dolls to Furniture we needed to downsize. I found them through a recommendation and boy am I glad I did. I sorted my things, kept what I wanted and let the Treasure Estate Sales team do the rest…. they sorted and staged my countless linens, gadgets, sporting equipment collectables etc. By time they were done, shoppers could easily see and find anything they were looking for. They organized, advertised and opened the doors to let the countless customers in. The sale was a Big Success.
Joanne and Gail are True Pros, honest, organized and know what they are doing. I highly recommend them.
-Eve, Western Springs

Thank you so much for everything.
I recently had an estate sale in Elmhurst.  Treasures did an amazing job with everything.  They are very efficient, detailed, professional and friendly.  They handled everything once you decided what you wanted to keep or sell.  I would recommend their services to anyone.  They made selling my contents of my house seamless. I can not believe how much they sold.
Thanks Joanne and Gail.
-Cyndy C. Elmhurst

​I slept like a baby last night for the first time in months!!!! Relief is on the way! Why did I torture myself since January thinking my house certainly did not qualify as an estate? Number two; that I should handle this like I have SO many other huge projects in my life? Three: that it would give me purpose back? I guess my multi-tasking days are done. God knows, I LOVE a project but my therapist tells me to “back-off, give-up and give-in and lessen my loads”. No secret that I have lived my life best when “being needed” which explains exactly what you are doing as well: but now, I NEED YOU!
Both John and I were immediately impressed. As a former nurse, my belief is that anyone can do a procedure - - - it takes a special person to touch another heart with comfort to reduce fear and improve a life. You breathed life back into me yesterday; even though you were unaware.  You are professional (as you know, I was checking all verbiage, body language and most importantly, the closure). It’s obvious that you enjoy what you do and seem to go above and beyond. Warming up to my beloved Angelo (dog) was a huge relief; he is a work in progress.
As far as we are concerned, please accept this response as our agreement to have you conduct our estate sale. When John returns from work, we will print, sign and resend or put in the mail. Welcome to our home and hearts!
Again, welcome aboard !

Wow!!! I can't believe how much stuff you sold! You guys are great! The itemization is fantastic! You actually sold the train tracks?! Unbelievable! It was my good fortune to meet you both! Please use me as a reference. I will give a testimonial, too. Oh, and I will let Lois K., the estate lawyer, know that if she needs your services for other clients she should refer to you also! You are both amazing! Please accept heartfelt thanks and gratitude from me and Stan's other heirs. We could never have done this without you. The job was huge! ​Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
- Sandy, Tinley Park

We want to thank the both of you for the excellent job you did with the Estate Sale for my mom’s condo.  The sale was handled very professionally, and the results were amazing.  Staging the condo like a department store was incredible.  Your knowledge of the value on larger items and knowing what to price them at shows that you do your homework.  Your continuous communication with us offering suggestions and listening to our opinions, made us feel like a team.  The marketing of the sales through your website and Craig’s List and the pictures of the various items in advance of the sale is a great marketing tool.Being our condo location had limited parking, the way you worked with the village of Westchester to get permission to park on the side street, the signage and your consideration for the other condo owners was commendable.  The condo President told us that she didn’t even know we had the sale. Not one complaint from any of the owners.
We did our homework too and interviewed a number of other estate sales company's before we signed with Treasures Estate Sales. We are so glad we did.  My mom would be happy that her belongings were so well cared for and now have a place in someone else’s home and will be enjoyed for many more years.
We would highly recommend that anyone planning an estate sale in the future, to use the services of Treasures Estate Sales, you will be glad you did.
-Frank & Pam C., Westchester

My aunt was so surprised at the room she now has there. That's what happens when clutter is removed! She was in awe and so happy. She hasn't seen it like that since they bought the house. We are so grateful for everything you both did and how you served her so well. Your name will be kept and referred to as needs arise.God bless you both - it's been a pleasure working with you.
-Louise, LaGrange

Gail and Joanne, We cannot thank you enough for the highly professional estate sale of the vast majority of items at my mother-in-laws home and the excellent results which you obtained. It truly was a remarkable job. Your progress with staging and organizing endless amounts of shoes, clothes, kitchen items, furniture and knick-knacks all within a couple of days was very impressive. You also maintained an outgoing and understanding attitude when I would offer suggestions and opinions.Your web site was a fantastic way to advertise our sale with countless pictures to lure customers a month in advance to our sale. The weekend of the sale, you sold virtually everything that we wanted to get rid of while staying firm on the prices of stuff we were a little attached to. By the last day of sale, we were shocked at how much sold and of course we were delighted with the earnings as well.Thank you and all of your personable, professional staff for as good as an estate sale as we could have possibly hoped for. My mother-in-law would be pleased with the care you took in all her treasures.
-Jan & Guy S., Orland Park

I was so lucky to have found you at a most difficult time.  My mother had recently passed away from a very aggressive cancer, and all responsibilities were falling on me.  You probably don't even remember helping to start me on knowing what to do with my parents home or giving me fabulous advise for how to get started in the house sale process.  But you did, and when I finally got to the point of being able to use your estate sale services, things couldn't have been easier for me.  You handled everything and then some!  You are so efficient and thorough, there was never a question of what was happening or how things were moving along.  Your communication with me throughout the days of the sale were so relieving to me.  I felt completely confident my mom's precious things were in good hands.  I would be completely comfortable telling anyone else to put their trust in you, as the peace of mind you gave me allowed me to get thru this very difficult and emotional task I had to do.  
I am so thankful to you both, and your entire team!
-Lauren P

We used Treasures Estate Sales for our major estate/moving sale in April 2012.  Gail and Joanne were very organized and professional.  They did a wonderful job staging and pricing our items, making it easy for shoppers to find what they were looking for.  The marketing through their website awesome.  The photos Gail took looked great and appealing, which we feel increased interest for potential customers.  The team they brought in for the sale was both professional and friendly.  They were positioned throughout the home to help customers, regulate traffic and provide oversight of the activity.  We felt very comfortable leaving during the sale.   A sale such as this is stressful regardless of the circumstances and Treasures provides an amazing balance of compassion, personal interest and professionalism throughout the process.  Ultimately, the sale was a great success.  We ended up making more than we originally thought.   We would highly recommend them, but be prepared that when the sale is over, you will be saying goodbye to people who are friends.
-Greg & Catherine T., Oswego

We can't thank you enough for the fantastic work you completed on our estate sale.  From start to finish, you were so kind and professional in displaying and pricing our 'treasures'.  You definitely made this transition in our lives so much easier.  And we finished as good friends which is an added plus for us.
All of your staff are so kind and had true regard for our possessions and were very respectful.  Thank you so very much for helping us in this sale.
-Ace and Carol

Thank you for everything! We spent all day Sunday & Monday organizing and listing what was left to donate, and then yesterday the guys from the charity came and took ALL, except for the computer desk. They said that would be a "throw-away," so Ron broke it down and took it out for trash. But these guys were AMAZING!! The 2 of them worked so fast, guess they have a "system", like you girls did. They took everything in the basement except empty boxes & bags. They even disassembled the weight machine and took it!!
We really enjoyed meeting you and your staff, and appreciate so much your efficiency and personal touch. We definitely couldn't have managed all this without your expertise!
-Debbie & Ron

I just wanted to echo Chris's sentiments.  I deeply appreciate the terrific job you did.  Just to be able to organize all that "treasure" was a Herculean task.  
Being so far away, makes it very difficult to take care of an estate.  You made that very easy for us with your honesty, commitment and trustworthiness.

From our customers


I follow treasures-estates and have been to many of your sales. You and your staff have always been uplifting, fair, and professional with me. You don't know me well but I have been visiting your sales over the past year... and as a business owner myself, I can tell you're very passionate about your work. I over hear you interact with customers and staff at sales and can tell you truly care about what you are doing. There are a lot of other estate sale companies that do a great job but you can't fake sincerity, and your staff has a great personal quality about them with a positive vibe.

That quality is a big reason why I come to your sales.

-Bryan M.

I love coming to your sales. You are such a great company to do business with! Your prices are always fair and your staff is always friendly. Your company stands out when it comes to courtesy and helpfulness. I always know that when I go to one of your sales I will find fantastic treasures at a great value.

-Barb V.


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